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121st Czech Rectors Conference Plenum Meeting

 back to the List 6.6.2013  |  Olomouc     PDF (60 kB)

The Plenum of the Czech Rectors Conference (CRC) adopted at its 121st Meeting the following resolution:

  1. CRC considers the proposed “Act on Rules of Budget Responsibility” as another major limitation to the autonomy of public higher education institutions. In addition, CRC also refuses the resulting unnecessary increase of administrative demands on economic and budgetary schemes of public higher education institutions because it does not increase the effectiveness of public higher education institutions and does not lead to improvement of the quality of higher education and research. At the same time, CRC demands to be included in the legislative process related to the Proposal together with the Council of Higher Education Institutions of the Czech Republic.
  2. CRC points to the lack of preparedness of the National individual project KREDO, both in terms of labour-law relationships and in terms of factual content.
  3. CRC approves the amendment to the paragraphs 6, 7, and 8 of the CRC Statutes Article 6.
  4. CRC approves the “Standpoint of the CRC on the Proposed Draft of the Framework Agreement on the Higher Education Institution Long-term State Funding” .
  5. CRC supports the standpoint of the Rector of Charles University in Prague in the case of appointing Assoc. Prof. Martin C. Putna professor. CRC respects the tradition of the appointment of professors and rectors by the President of the Czech Republic while respecting the autonomy of higher education institutions.
  6. CRC Presidium was elected by the CRC Plenum for a term commencing on 1 August 2013 as follows:

    Prof. Dr. Václav Hampl, Rector of Charles University in Prague

    Dr. Ivan Barančík, Rector of the College of Logistics
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mikuláš Bek, Rector of Masaryk University
    Prof. Dr. Zdeněk Kůs, Rector of the Technical University of Liberec
    Prof. Dr. Ivo Medek, Rector of Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts Brno
    Prof. Dr. Karel Melzoch, Rector of the Institute of Chemical Technology Prague

Olomouc, 6 June 2013

On behalf of the Czech Rectors Conference

Prof. Dr. Václav Hampl