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125th Czech Rectors Conference Plenum Meeting

 back to the List 10.4.2014  |  Zlín     PDF (95 kB)

Czech Rectors Conference (CRC) Plenum adopted at its 125th Meeting following resolution:

  1. CRC emphasizes the necessity of the new Operational Programme “Research, Development and Education” in order to maintain a high level of scientific research in the Czech Republic. CRC also considers as essential that the Operational Programme removes the existing imbalance in funds drawing between higher education institutions in Prague and outside of Prague.
  2. CRC calls for the Government of the Czech Republic to enable and ensure the possibility of drawing down remaining significant funds from the existing operational programmes.
  3. CRC requests the Government of the Czech Republic not to let occur again in funds drawing of future operational programmes the present barriers which CRC has pointed out repeatedly.
  4. CRC clearly declares its readiness to cooperate with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in the proposed amendment to the Higher Education Act.
  5. CRC observes with great concern the situation about the Czech Science Foundation and appeals to the Government of the Czech Republic for transparent personnel changes in the management of Czech Science Foundation, which will result in reestablishment of its credibility.
  6. CRC approved amendments to its Statutes related to CRC Membership and to CRC Chambers Vice-Presidents.
  7. CRC calls for the Vice-Premier for Research, Development and Innovation to make a statement on prepared conditions of obtaining and maintaining the status of “an organization for research and knowledge dissemination” by private higher education institutions.

Zlín, 10 April 2014

On behalf of the Czech Rectors Conference

Prof. Dr. Tomáš Zima