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128th Czech Rectors Conference Plenum Meeting

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Czech Rectors Conference (CRC) Plenum adopted at its 128th meeting the following resolution:

  1. Within commenting the draft of the Act on Internal Management and Control in Public Administration, CRC appeals to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to firmly reject the system change in internal audit execution resulting for higher education institutions from the aforementioned draft which would significantly deprive higher education institutions of their self-governing status.
  2. CRC refuses modifications proposed by Government Legislative Council in its statement to the amendment to the Higher Education Institutions Act regarding the change in status of foreign higher education institutions and their affiliates. These changes would mean that these entities will become part of education system according to the Higher Education Institutions Act without having to meet accreditation criteria that are necessary and mandatory for all home higher education institutions.
  3. CRC wholeheartedly supports the amendment to the Act on Public Contracts and amendatory proposal allowing organizational units of higher education institutions to award public contracts independently.
  4. CRC fundamentally disagrees that the amendment to the Higher Education Institutions Act should regulate the internal process of approving budgets of higher education institutions since it is exclusively a matter of higher education institution self-government.
  5. CRC asks the Government of the Czech Republic to draw up the budget for research with a transparent procedure defined by the law so that the amount of institutional support for development of higher education institutions will be based on evaluation of research organizations outcomes.
  6. CRC supports the opinion of medical schools deans and the Ministry of Health working group concerning the amendment to the Act 95/2004 and strongly advocates that specialist training of doctors should be provided by higher education institutions in cooperation with accredited medical facilities, Czech Medical Chamber, and Czech Medical Association of Jan Evangelista Purkyně.
  7. CRC emphasizes the need to maintain and further develop the existing system of education in non-medical fields at higher education institutions.
  8. CRC joins the declaration on doctoral training, presented by German Rectors Conference.
  9. CRC and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic support together legislative changes relating to the unsolved problem of high-quality health insurance for children of the so-called third-country nationals employed in various institutions in the Czech Republic.
  10. CRC Chamber of Private Higher Education Institutions Rectors expresses disagreement with the fact that fundamental objections raised to the amendment to the Higher Education Institutions Act by private higher education institutions were not settled sufficiently.

Brno, 4 December 2014

On behalf of the Czech Rectors Conference

Prof. Dr. Tomáš Zima