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135th Czech Rectors Conference Plenum Meeting

 back to the List 21.4.2016  |  Brno     PDF (112 kB)

Czech Rectors Conference (CRC) Plenum adopted at its 135th Meeting following resolution:

  1. CRC debated proposals for future members of the National Accreditation Bureau Council and of the National Accreditation Bureau Appeal Committee and agrees with the proposals.
  2. CRC discussed extensively the mechanism of creation and allocation of the budget for higher education institutions for the coming years and considers necessary to increase it to achieve at least 10% wage growth, like in regional education. CRC takes into account the efforts of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to increase the budget for the section of sports and basic and regional education for the year 2017 and, in compliance with the statement of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Mrs K. Valachová, requires an increase of the budget share for the chapter of higher education institutions at least to 18% of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports total budget, i.e. to the level at which the share was recently.
  3. CRC debated with no major objections the objective of a future act on support for research, development and innovation.
  4. CRC fully supports the increase in total funding for science, research and innovation, presented by the Deputy Prime Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, Mr P. Bělobrádek.
  5. CRC asks that the future system of evaluation of research results will be properly discussed with representatives of higher education institutions. Also, CRC considers necessary to make the system simple, transparent, economically undemanding and stable.

Brno, 21 April 2016

On behalf of the Czech Rectors Conference

Prof. Dr. Tomáš Zima