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of the Common Meeting of the Slovak Rectors Conference Plenum and the Czech Rectors Conference Plenum

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The Plenum of the Slovak Rectors Conference (SRC) and the Plenum of the Czech Rectors Conference (CRC) adopted at the Common Meeting of the SRC Plenum and the CRC Plenum this resolution:

  1. SRC and CRC consider important mutual awareness about state and development of Slovak and Czech higher education institutions, which is the basic precondition for possible cooperation in the area of higher education, science and research.
  2. SRC and CRC agreed concerning legislation (and not just the Higher Education Act) that they, in both countries, consider the most important to strengthen the principle of higher education institutions autonomy, including the management of financial flows, and equal access to financial means for science and research.
  3. SRC and CRC stated that among common problems of both countries belonged undoubtedly long-term underfinancing of education, research and development.
  4. SRC and CRC decided to continue in the tradition of common meetings and confirmed that the next meeting would be held in 2015 in the Slovak Republic hosted by the SRC.

Brno, 19 April 2013

On behalf of the Slovak Rectors Conference

Prof. Dr. Libor Vozár

On behalf of the Czech Rectors Conference

Prof. Dr. Václav Hampl