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Joint Statement
of the Czech Rectors Conference and the Slovak Rectors Conference on the Occasion of the 100th Czechoslovak Republic Establishment Anniversary

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Czech Rectors Conference and Slovak Rectors Conference publish this joint statement on 28 October 2018 on the occasion of the significant anniversary of the Czechoslovak Republic establishment.

The highest representatives of the Czech and Slovak academic community join with respect and pride to the commemoration of the common state establishing, which meant the fulfilment of Czechs' and Slovaks' state-forming efforts in 1918. Despite problems and challenges the common state faced the following years at that time, its contribution to higher education sector remains undeniable. New universities were founded during the existence of the Czechoslovak Republic, the number of intelligentsia with a university degree increased, science, culture and art developed.

Cooperation of Czech and Slovak academics continues also after the common state dissolution. Regular meetings of Czech Rectors Conference and Slovak Rectors Conference members support and extend the existing bonds and cooperation as well as manifest our above-standard national relations. Our common goal is an adequate representation of Czech and Slovak higher education institutions in the European Higher Education Area and in the European Research Area. Both higher education systems not only have a common history and tradition but are currently facing similar problems and challenges. Higher education institutions in both countries are subject to the same Europeanisation and globalization processes.

We hereby declare our interest in continuing cooperation not only at the bilateral institutional level but also in multilateral relations that are increasingly supported in Europe.

In the context of the First Czechoslovak Republic historical legacy, we support democratic principles and consistent protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms. Therefore, the higher education institutions will continue teaching and educating students in the spirit of values of democracy, humanism and tolerance, guiding them to creative, critical and independent thinking, healthy self-confidence, national pride, and civic responsibility, in accordance with the Magna Charta Universitatum fundamental principles.

At the same time, we appeal to Czech and Slovak government representatives to give due attention and support for education, science and research in the interest of both countries' social and economic development.

We consider the partnership of the Czech Rectors Conference and the Slovak Rectors Conference to be important also in the European context.

Prague, 25 October 2018

On behalf of the Czech Rectors Conference:

Prof. Dr. Tomáš Zima

On behalf of the Slovak Rectors Conference:

Prof. Dr. Marek Šmid